Crypto4me Terms & Conditions

1. The Agreement

1. These terms and conditions apply to a private individual ("you"), intending to do business on the Crypto4me ("us") website.

2. You must own the money you are intending to send.

3. Your money must not be linked to illegal activities.

2. Our Service

1. We strive to complete transactions as quickly as possible, however, we reserve the right to refuse accept any transaction without reason and without incurring liability to you for any resulting loss or damages incurred by you or any third party.

2. If you wish to enter into a transaction with Crypto4me, you may do so by placing an transaction via the Order Form and depositing the correct amount of funds into the nominated bank account, using the reference provided. Until we receive confirmation from our bank that the funds have been deposited, the transaction is not considered open.

3. If your order is over a certain size and we need to request additional liquidity you will receive notification by email informing you that your order price has been hedged and fixed. If there is a delay on your payment we apologise in advanced however you will receive your requested amount at the opened transaction price. If you request your price to be hedged for a large or important order the above still applies.

4. Once a transaction has been opened, you may not cancel or change the transaction.

5. You acknowledge that the price of bitcoin fluctuates and therefore we reserve the right to cancel or amend your transaction based on the following principles: If the Crypto4me crypto price increases on an un hedged transaction by more than 8% from the time you place your transaction to the time we come to process it, your transaction will be cancelled and your funds returned. If the Crypto4me bitcoin price decreases by more than 8% from the time you place your transaction to the time we come to process it, we will reduce your purchase price to the market rate and you will receive additional coins. If the Crypto4me bitcoin price does not change by more than 15%, no changes will be made to your transaction.

6. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to provide Crypto4me with accurate bank details in transaction to return your funds if a refund is required. Crypto4me will not be liable for any delay or loss of funds resulting in incorrect bank details being provided by the buyer.

3. Transactions

1. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a transaction at our discretion.

2. We may ask you to provide documentation proving your identity. Failure to provide such documentation will result in your transactions being refunded.

3. All payments must be cleared in full, including any transaction fees before we process your transaction.

4. In the event that your (crypto) funds are sent to the wrong bitcoin address as a result of a mistake by you, and we have acted in accordance with the information you have provided, we will be under no obligation to attempt to recover the funds and assume no liability on the loss.

5. In the event that you send your (money) funds to the wrong bank account as a result of a mistake by you, and the details listed on our site are accurate, we will be under no obligation to accept your transaction and we will not assume any liability for the loss.